Thursday, August 18, 2011

Do Your Friends a Favor

From dainty details to creative colors palettes, new trends for your friends are popping up all over the place!

Here is my take on the newest trends for your bridesmaids to wear as they take you down the aisle...

Trend 1: Beautiful Bows
Bows are all over the place lately, not just on flower girl dresses anymore. Take a simple dress and add a bow pin, or tie a ribbon sash and it completely changes the look. After the wedding, remove the bow and they now have a new dress to wear out!

Trend 2: Same Colors, Different Styles
Not one dress is going to flatter every one of your bridesmaids. So, why not go with a color that comes in multiple styles like Tori Spellings gal pal did from J. Crew. Companies like Ann Taylor and J. Crew offer collections that are available in the same color and fabric and a multitude of styles. (It lets your girls display their own personal style as well!)

Trend 3: Same Blues, Different Hues
If blue is one of your colors, why not different shades of blue, or purple, or whichever color you choose! It allows you to add more than one shade of the color you picked for your perfect day! Rachel Bilson's good friend did it beautifully with this green color palette. Just make sure the colors don't clash!

Trend 4: Patterns and Prints
How about a patterned or printed dress, like a floral print for your BM's? It's a fun little twist and can represent more than one of your wedding colors. If having all of your girls in a printed dress is too much for your personality, how about just your Maid of Honor?

Trend 5: One Shoulder Wonders
The newest trend in dresses from bridal to cocktail are all one shoulder. Whether there form fitting or flowing these styles are showing up more and more. So, how about 'doing your friends a favor' and pick one of these styles for your girls. It's flirty and fun, and looks good on a lot of body types!
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