Friday, April 29, 2011

The Wedding of ALL Weddings...

Before I can even finish with my 4 Days of Planning, I HAD to write about The Royal Wedding! After all, wedding bloggers have been awaiting this day for months.

After watching hours of TV and footage from online, I have hands down fallen in love with Prince William and his new Princess Kate Middleton like the rest of the country. People around the world have been patiently waiting for this event. People set their alarms for 4:00 AM to watch this historical wedding. Citizens of LA held all night long bachelor parties at their local bars, just to catch a first glimpse of the royal couple. Everything from the Ceremony to her little bridesmaids was perfect. Kate herself looked flawless in her gown designed by Sarah Burton the creative director for the late Alexander McQueen. The lace was beautiful and that nine foot die for! If that gown wasn't enough she then changed into an additional dress, also Alexander McQueen which was equally breath taking. My favorite part, was the gorgeous 1936 Cartier tiara she wore, borrowed from the Queen herself, to accompany her engagement ring which belonged to the late Princess Diana, Williams mother.

So, here's to you William and Kate! Congratulations!

 Kate and Sister (MOH) Pippa
Second dress

all images taken from google images

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Day 3: Season

Spring or Summer...
Winter or Fall...
How on earth do you pick when you say 'I Do?'

Here is MY simple breakdown of each season to help you narrow down your choice:

-It's warm, but still cool enough to have an outdoor ceremony/reception.
-While Christmas is said to be the happiest time of the year, I find most people are the happiest in Spring!
(Who doesn't like when the snow starts to melt, and the flowers start to bloom?)
-If you're thinking of adding Cala Lilly's, Lilac's, Tulips, or Cherry Blossoms to your bouquet then Spring is perfect!
-As far as colors, pale blues, springy greens, soft pinks, or a light yellow work great in Spring.
-For some reason when I think of Spring, I think of day weddings with brunch as the meal. That being said, fresh fruit, savory fritatta's, homemade quiche's and mint julep cocktails come to mind.

-Depending on your location (i.e Palm Springs or Miami) it may be too hot to hold an outdoor event in the middle of summer.
-Also remember, Summer is the most popular time of year for people to vacation, so if your second cousin is planning on going out of town the week of your wedding-don't be upset!
-For flowers, Daisies, Gardenia's, and Hydrangea's are ideal for a Summer bouquet.
-The best summer colors in my eyes would be BRIGHT! Think about corals, lemon yellow, turquoise or teal, BOLD. Or, go the nautical route and choose navy blues and golden yellow. 
-If you're thinking of having a candy bar, I'd steer away from that idea. My bet...the candy melts before anyone can enjoy a single jelly bean.
-When it comes to light food, and cocktails to cool you off, I think of iced tea and lemonade,Waldorf salads, putting a twist on grilled vegetable and fruit skewers (for that outdoor, backyard wedding) and mojito's.

-Again, depending your location (i.e New York, or Seattle) you will most likely have to be indoors.
-Lets be the Winter, people love to hibernate. 
-As far as flowers, I don't always think of flowers in the Winter, but hey I am from the East-coast.  But in my opinion I think a gorgeous bouquet of white flowers is perfect for a wedding this season.
-Colors: go dark or neutral. Something about jewel tones in 25 degree weather gets me going. Emerald greens, eggplant, burgundy, and royal blue. Or, what about champagne and no I don't mean for drinking ;)
-Now for food. When you mix Winter and cold, hungry people you get comfort food. What about a hot chocolate station? Think gourmet pastas, fondue's, and warm cozy soups. 

Last but not least, Fall...
-Just like Spring, Fall has the option of having an indoor or outdoor event.
-On the other hand, Fall means back to school so remember that when you decide on kid friendly weddings!
-Gladiola's, Iris', Lily's, Orchids....I can't get enough of the flowers for Fall!
-When it comes to colors during the Fall season, think outdoors. Think of how the leaves change, they are great colors to use....burnt orange, darker yellows, maroons, olive green, and cream!
-And as far as food goes, this is the perfect season to utilize that candy bar idea! It is the season for Halloween after all....
(all images from google images)