Friday, March 18, 2011

Day 2: Location

Church or Chapel?
Beach or Mountains?
Indoor or Outdoor?

With so many options, how is one supposed to choose?

Here are some helpful tips which can hopefully narrow it down for you.

1. Ask yourself...Do we want to keep it traditional?
-If you answered yes, then you may want to stick to your family church (Grandma will be ecstatic.) 
-If you answered no, think outside the box--make a list of you and your fiance's favorite places. You may surprise yourself with what you come up with.
2. Take a look at your guest list. Is the location your thinking about accommodating? 
-Is it big enough? Is it suitable for all guests? For kids? Do you even want kids attending?
-Also keep in mind travel for your guests. Are they going to be able to travel across the country to hear you recite your vows if you decide on a destination wedding?
3. Go down memory lane.
-Think of your favorite places when you were growing up.
-Do you and your fiance have a special place you always go back to? Or do you have a common interest? For example, if you both love sailing consider a beach or dock side wedding.
4. Remember your budget.
-You may want to become a 'Mrs.' in that historic mansion in the town where you were raised, but does it fit into your wedding budget?
-What about an equally beautiful family members house?
5. Keep in mind the season. (which leads me to Day 3)
-Your guests will not be happy bundled up in the middle of December on a rooftop in New York.
-If you have your heart set on Winter in New York, check out numerous gorgeous hotels which offer rooftop services as well for those daring guests in need of some fresh air.

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