Saturday, February 26, 2011

4 Days of Planning. Day 1: Colors

When beginning to plan your wedding, it can become quite hectic. Think about any party you've planned, there are the invitations, the decorations, the location, the theme, etc. Once you've handled all of that, there are the smaller details. You know, buttercream or marzipan, roses or lily's, DJ or live band, and the most crucial....the seating chart? 

Why not break it down into 4 simpler categories to begin your planning? Instead of burying yourself with endless cake tastings and listening to cheesy mixes of the cha cha slide right away, start with these four things!

1. How to pick your colors?

- Do not pick too many colors. Limit the color palette to two or three colors. It will make decorating simpler and too many colors can become overwhelming.
-Do use paint chips. Once you finalize your color's keep a set of paint chips with you at all times, that way colors wont change.
-Do not forget people (i.e your bridesmaids and groomsmen) will have to wear these colors. Like I've said before, you want to keep these people happy.
-Do use this website to help pick your colors. 
It is the Pantone color website, which has every color hue known to man.
-Do not keep changing your colors. It can get expensive once you have things made like invitations and centerpieces. 
-Do take into consideration (which will lead to my next posts) location, theme, and mood you want to set for the day.

Some other helpful tips:
-Remember white or ivory is always a color--it is the color of your dress after all.
-Let different elements inspire your palette: season, flowers, your theme, etc.
-One option: pick 2 bold colors and 1 neutral. (ex. deep purple, maroon, and ivory)

stay tuned for Day 2-4 on planning your special day :)
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