Monday, March 26, 2012

COLOR is the new white

Here is the question of the hour....Where did sealing the deal in bright white come from anyway?

According to, white was not a popular wedding gown color until the wedding of Queen Elizabeth in 1840. Before her wedding brides wore whatever color they felt comfortable in. After that, it became a case of "everybody's doing it" and the color stuck.

These days, some brides have veered off course and chosen colors such as ivory and champagne or the daring have even gone with pale pink. Not as daring, but still want to add color to your special day? Why not one (or more) of these fun, creative ways...

1. Why not add a sash to your pearly white dress? This has become a popular and beautiful trend. Many brides use the color of their bridesmaid dresses or an accent color seen elsewhere in their wedding. I personally love a sash with a long tie to the floor like below. This isn't as bold of a color, but gets the point across.

2. Another popular trend, that you can wear in your hair: Flowers. Brides everywhere are adding flowers to their hair whether its up or down. Lillies are a great flower to pin in. My only advice; don't let the flower in your hair clash with the ones in your hand.

3. What about the shoes?! Colored shoes are a fun way to add color to your look white staying subtle. It also makes for fun photo ops like below

4. If you're a bold bride, why not a statement necklace? Whether it's colorful, chunky, or both it can certainly add some flavor to your look.

all images taken from google images

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