Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bridal Gown 101

We all know shopping for a dress can be stressful. Just think back to when you were searching for that perfect birthday dress, or that one dress no other girl would have at prom. Now, it is time to search for the ultimate dress....your Bridal Gown. This can turn from exciting to upsetting fast.

Below are 10 tips to keep in mind when searching for your dream dress.

1. Limit yourself to how many boutiques you want to go to. Going to too many stores can become overwhelming.
2. At your first appointment, try on as many different styles as you feel you need. You then can rule out which styles you don't like, and which styles do not flatter your body.
3. Choose wisely who you bring with you to your appointment (I say no more than two.) Too many opinions can quickly make an appointment go bad, and make dress shopping seem like a chore.
4. Bring the proper under garments. A supportive strapless bra, and nice but modest underwear. (You can leave the thongs at home ladies!)
5. Be open minded. You may end up loving a dress you never would have originally tried on.
6. DO NOT be afraid to say no! Do not let your company, or wedding specialist talk you into a dress you don't want. Remember this is your day, not theirs.
7. Before going into any appointment, know your budget. The last thing you want, is to spend more than you planned on and have to limit yourself in other areas of your wedding.
8. Have an idea of your theme or location of the wedding. This can help inspire your style of dress.
9. Remember to bring a few other things with you: a pair of shoes with the size heal your planning on wearing that day, a hair tie if you are thinking about an up-do, and a camera/camera phone so you can snap pictures of your favorites (if allowed by the boutique)
10. And finally, Have Fun! Bridal gown shopping should be exciting not upsetting!

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